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Sun dress for the young animal lover

This design was not my own- I developed a technique that I read about in a couture sewing manual that spoke to the replication of garments. The replication of garments is often done when you have a piece of clothing that fits well and has a great original design, but unfortunately due to time, (and loving it so much) the clothing becomes worn, torn, or the material goes out of style. For this dress (seen above- Sun dress for the young animal lover), I took apart an old dress piece… Read more Sun dress for the young animal lover

A Pale blue silk camisole inspired by vintage style

I worked on this piece a few weeks ago when I was inspired by something I had seen in a vintage shop. I sourced all of my own materials; but the design was not my own. My favourite part of this piece would have to be the lace fringe that hangs down to provide a “1920’s lingere flapper girl” style”. I only wish I could have made this in a size large enough to wear for myself!