Quiche Revisitied

Quiche Revisitied

Another item I baked last night- a mushroom, onion and cheese quiche. I haven’t baked a quiche in over a year (see earlier posts), so I was pleasantly surprised with how well this one turned out. For the crust, I used white flour, salted butter, and kneaded the dough by hand (which I find is the most effective as opposed to using my mixer).
I tried a different technique for the filling- instead of chopping the ingredients and beating them together with the egg and milk mixture, I blended them together in my magic bullet to achieve a smoother, more “pureed” consistency. It turned out extremely well!

The Great Upheaval

The Great Upheaval *update*

I got the chance to visit the Art Gallery of Ontario’s exhibit featuring works of Picasso, Kandinsky, and Franz on Tuesday and I must open by saying, that I did not enjoy it. I found many of the works to be stilted, boring, and reminiscent of art deco (which I am not a huge fan of). I found that the works were not my taste- I am sure that the Guggenheim considers them as masterpieces but I definitely do not agree.

I spent 45 minutes in the exhibit, and wandered to other areas of the gallery. Honestly, the entire trip was saved by my visit to the basement of the gallery where the Thompson Family’s collection of scale model ships are kept. I like miniatures, and so the detail of these high end models was exceptionally pleasing to the eye. I have some photos to post, although the lighting in the exhibit was low, and all models were encased in glass (so there is a lot of glare).


Summer Projects

I’ve had a lot of time to work on hobbies in the past few weeks. A friend of mine works in Early Childhood Education, so we are collaborating on a few children’s toys and costumes.

IMG_2072 IMG_2073
Its a mermaid skirt for playtime. The waist is elastic and the fabric is a plastic-like polyester. Stain resistant.

IMG_2075 IMG_2074
This Chinese new year fabric-end was a puzzle for me for a few days. It was a section of fabric that was not shaped well enough to really make anything with, until I saw an idea for a vest in a book I borrowed from the library. It is child sized, so tiny arm holes and a little button accent at the neck were quite simple to install.


Lilac Flirty Cushion

Lilac cushion Back of lilac cushion

Experimental Fabric Design

Inspiration: A lazy woman’s haute couture

This was always meant as a throne piece accent cushion. In my opinion there should only ever be one of these in any bedroom or setting-unless the setting or bedroom also encompass a vast square footed area that can support multiple attention drawing areas. This piece is flirty and allows to be tossed on to the floor or pounced across the room. I also love the colour.

Elephant Cushion

Created item
Created item

The elephant excursion. I say excursion because these were a pain in the ass to master and it took much too long.

Inspiration: Soft and plush and interesting.

Let me start by saying one thing: I love statement pieces.

-Love them?


The best way to start a conversation is always by making a statement. I have gone off topic. Here we have a caravan of elephants on a tapestry fabric (12.00 CDN per meter at Fabric Land) backed by “velvet-look” fabric (3.00 CDN per meter also at FL). I sewed them to be quite large (able to accommodate a queen size pillow). Very soft.

This is a cushion I created by taking very soft velvet-like material and an elephant tapestry fabric. These cushions are 100% original in their design and very comfy to relax on.