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Category: the Life of anieKsteph

Where everything else falls…in the life category.

The Latest on weaving blue rugs

Still a work in progress, but that’s always better than congress. *rim shot What isn’t funny is how awesome this rug is going to look when I finish. I’ve heard a few skeptical comments about whether it will lie completely flat on the floor; but I think it will sort itself out as it gets wider by circumference.

New Machines with Old Dreams

My take on a classic half apron with blue frilly edging. This one was tough, because the seams have a border on the opposite side made from a bright multi-coloured print. It took a lot of patience to get everything lined up. I’m getting better every day and learning new techniques- conversely, sewing helps me stay focused on my life. Each stitch that helps to form a straight line reassures me that the end product will be beautiful if I just keep the needle on the right path. I can… Read more New Machines with Old Dreams