The creative process.

The creative process is one where sometimes you have to walk away from your work, do something else, and return later with fresh eyes. A friend recently told me this, and I agree with it- it’s just basic science. If you stare at the picture for too long your eyes will go crossed. Just like those 3D photos Scholastic used to sell at book fairs in elementary school. I never had one myself, but our teacher would usually buy one for our class.

I have been taking an opportunity to do that these last two days. I completed 3 aprons in one day during the weekend, and since then I have worked on painting my mural, taken photos of my products, and just found other things to do apart from sitting at my sewing machine. I know that I have a lot of things to work on, but I am trying not to immerse myself so deeply in my tasks that I resent them ad quit altogether- or take a long long break from it where time is wasted-which is sometimes just as bad. I can’t say enough how important it is to stay focused on what you want (if you are fortunate enough to know what that is). Knowing what you want takes a tonne of soul searching. But it feels like the same things that make us wake up the morning, like free-will and individuality, are the things that keep us constricted in fear and inevitable indecision.


A photo of what I have been working on.

Worn by creator S.
Worn by creator S.


New Machines with Old Dreams

My take on a classic half apron with blue frilly edging. This one was tough, because the seams have a border on the opposite side made from a bright multi-coloured print. It took a lot of patience to get everything lined up.

I’m getting better every day and learning new techniques- conversely, sewing helps me stay focused on my life. Each stitch that helps to form a straight line reassures me that the end product will be beautiful if I just keep the needle on the right path. I can sit quietly and put my mind to a task that will (hopefully) result in something good. Right now I’m working on a sheer dress that will be photographed as part of my portfolio. The colours are different (conservatively speaking) but it fits a style that similar to my own – (understated, but very sexy).
I am excited to use my new machine that makes folds in narrow fabric so that you can easily press straps in about 25 mm widths. It makes working so much easier when one has all of the right tools. I can now make straps for an apron in about 10 minutes as opposed to 30 minutes without the tool. I made four straps last night—and was able to complete two aprons that I began production on earlier in the day! (I realize how nerdy it sounds to write passionately about sewing)

But who cares how it sounds! Write, speak, and live what you love! What else would you rather do?


Summer Projects

I’ve had a lot of time to work on hobbies in the past few weeks. A friend of mine works in Early Childhood Education, so we are collaborating on a few children’s toys and costumes.

IMG_2072 IMG_2073
Its a mermaid skirt for playtime. The waist is elastic and the fabric is a plastic-like polyester. Stain resistant.

IMG_2075 IMG_2074
This Chinese new year fabric-end was a puzzle for me for a few days. It was a section of fabric that was not shaped well enough to really make anything with, until I saw an idea for a vest in a book I borrowed from the library. It is child sized, so tiny arm holes and a little button accent at the neck were quite simple to install.


Lilac Flirty Cushion

Lilac cushion Back of lilac cushion

Experimental Fabric Design

Inspiration: A lazy woman’s haute couture

This was always meant as a throne piece accent cushion. In my opinion there should only ever be one of these in any bedroom or setting-unless the setting or bedroom also encompass a vast square footed area that can support multiple attention drawing areas. This piece is flirty and allows to be tossed on to the floor or pounced across the room. I also love the colour.