Adult colouring pages


My latest ebook is an adult colouring book featuring women of colour as the subjects. Using the line work derived from my sketches, I compiled the work into a pdf, and called it “Gorgeous Women of Colour”


thumbnailGorgeous Women of Colour Cover

Although this ebook is available on Etsy, I have made it specially available for visitors of the anieksteph blog for free. Click the image above to link to the download. There is no password on the file, so feel free to enjoy as you desire.


The link will also be available at the top of the page on the home tool bar.

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Trap X Art Toronto


My latest acrylic work was recently on display at the Toronto Trap x Art show at The Boat Restaurant in Kensington Market, Toronto. It was a hip hop/ urban show with fantastic music, body painting, and live art displays. I was fortunate enough to be invited to display my art along side other emerging Toronto artists.

Trap x Art Toronto October 10, 2019 art display of Stephanie Konu featuring acrylic medium on canvas
Trap x Art Toronto October 10, 2019 art display of Stephanie Konu

This was the first time that I have ever displayed my work in a freeform venue where I needed to bring my own hardware (easel, display grids etc). When I realized that I needed some kind of system other than a table to make my display, I became worried about what to do. I knew it was unlikely that I could create enough easels to show 14 pieces, and the canvas grids available at Uline would have required several days to ship. The venue was on the second floor of a building in a very busy area of Toronto near Dundas and Spadina, so I knew that I needed to have the ability to carry my setup from the car in 2 trips or less.

I kicked myself for not planning things better.

Using my creativity and problem solving abilities, I sourced a 6 x 3 foot piece of welded fence from Home Depot ($17 CDN) and had it cut into two manageable pieces with a pair of bolt cutters. The structure was rigid enough to support the weight of my canvases; and after taping up the sharp edges from where the welded metal had raw cuts, I was very happy with th result. I was even able to add in a neon light in the shape of an “S” on my display.

Artist Stephanie Konu poses with her original art painted canvases at The Boat Restaurant, Toronto, Canada October 2019

The show was a success, and I made some sales of my original acrylic artwork. I chose to include pieces that related to each other by style, which worked well visually. I’m thankful for the invitation to display my artwork, and I am looking forward to more opportunities like this one in the future.

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Vaughn Ontario Culture days


I love autumn. It is my favorite season. Warm afternoons, cool mornings, and the perfect nights that require blankets with an open window are plentiful during this time of year.

Autumn is also a fairly busy time of year. Many of us are returning from summer vacations are are back to the daily grind. There are many art shows as well that pop up as the year comes to an end.

I had the pleasant opportunity to participate in an art exhibition early in September of 2019. The show took place at an historic estate that once belonged to JEH Macdonald of the Group of Seven. The event was in Thornhill, but was sponsored of The City of Vaughn.

Myself and 20 other artists exhibited our artwork during the weekend.

The show brought in approximately 100 people, and there were a few sales.

The highlight of the event was the opening reception. I was able to meet fellow artists who shared similar passions.

I’m very happy to have been invited to the show, and look forward to more autumn exhibitions like this one.

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Introducing a free eBook


I am happy to announce that my labor of love is complete: I have finished my first eBook.

It is a short and simple guide that provides tips for success in writing your own blog. Since beginning this art blog, I have toyed with the idea of writing instructional materials to support my content.

As the child of teachers I have always been asked if teaching was in my blood. I usually denied this idea, and proclaimed that teaching was not for me because I had the idea of teaching children ingrained within my mind. After taking a course on training and development in human resources I realize that I actually enjoy teaching. The only difference is that I enjoy teaching and instructing adults as opposed to children. The “pedagogy” or concept behind teaching adults is different from teaching children, and I am better suited with the temperament of mature individuals.

I enjoy training and teaching people who find the information useful, so I decided to write a short eBook to help others who may have an interest in starting their own blog.

Click the link here to download my free eBook.

The PDF file is password protected. The password is: SUBSCRIBE.

The password is all capital letters.

Tips for Success in Blog Writing

Free eBook for tips on how to write your own blog written by Stephanie Konu
Tips for Success in Blog Writing
Tips for Success in Blog Writing

Follow this link to visit the page with your free download.

Gold textured mask with a black background

A human face painted in gold with textured and raised sculpture relief on the canvas with a black painted background.
A relief mask with texture and gold acrylic paint

My latest work is a mask inspired by my ancestral Yoruba tribe from West Africa. I wanted to represent the model of an elongated and oval shaped face, as this is commonly seen on traditional masks from the region.

A human face painted in gold with textured and raised sculpture relief on the canvas with a black painted background.
A gold textured mask by Stephanie Konu

Here you can see an up close and angled perspective of the nose bridge of the mask. The area is raised slightly to show a break in the surface of the face.

The method of this painting further explores my current practice of singular images against a black negative space. For this blog post, I felt that it was beneficial to take photos of the side angles and above/below vantage points to fully emphasize the immense texture in this piece.

A human face painted in gold with textured and raised sculpture relief on the canvas with a black painted background.
A gold mask inspired by ancient Yoruba ancestral masks painted by Stephanie Konu

A side view reveals a crevice of texture that was created when I applied some very grainy pieces to the face surface. I did this to add drama to the piece, and to represent the tribal scars of warfare that this mask would traditionally represent.

The eyes are a deep vacant black with glowing gold specks that are raised and have texture. My initial response was that seemed “spooky” but I think it was necessary to have gold floating over top of a black area for the eyes; as it allows the eyes to have their own space and stand out.

A human face painted in gold with textured and raised sculpture relief on the canvas with a black painted background.
Side of mask painting by Stephanie Konu

If looking closely, you can see a faint outline of lips protruding from the surface. I tried my best but I often get impatient when I have a good idea that I am excited about. Adding lips to emphasize the African features was one of these ideas. The next time I attempt to make a mask like this, I would like to spend more time on smoother corners and more pronounced features.

A human face painted in gold with textured and raised sculpture relief on the canvas with a black painted background.
Lips of the ancestral mask are faintly seen here

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New video available


I was having fun with my video camera and shot this video the other day. I took the content from one of my blog postings and simply read it to the camera. Windows Media Movie Maker allowed me to easily insert photos and edit clips to make a video. It is posted on YouTube, so my style is much flirtier than usual. It was fun and I think I will continue to make videos that showcase my art.

I also decided to hide most of my face. I know what you might be thinking: yep, still bashful. I’m working on being more mentally present in each moment so that I can face whatever fear is causing it. Until I figure it out, it’s half off.


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