Green, blue and gold leaf abstract acrylic on canvas

My latest acrylic work is very similar to my early paintings. I focused on my favorite colour (green) and aqua blue to create an ocean landscape. The best part of this piece is how the green and the blue swirl together like liquid frozen in time. I love how the colours are separated, yet at some points seem to threaten to bleed into each other.

Themes of water and the sun are very prevalent in my work. I enjoy nature (who doesn’t!), so a lot of my inspiration is drawn from experiences of spending time walking along side Lake Ontario on sunny summer days. I have been known to visit the same parks in the winter, but only on the mildest of days. There is some indescribable effect that happens to me when I am near a large body of water. It’s both scary, and calming for me to beset myself near the Lake.

This particular area of the painting looks like a side profile of a face poking out into while negative space.

My heart sings when I see how the paint interacted in this particular area as well. Although I do not use scientific measurements in my work, I do use loose calculations to achieve these beautiful swirls and effects.

Part of the reason why I do this is to communicate the idea of participatory art. In my opinion, abstract art is better when the person viewing it sees a unique image that they come up with. I always love to hear what people see in my work, because it is always different from one person to the next. I love using my imagination, and I encourage others to exercise their imaginations as well.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoying my latest work. There is one more post left for 2019, where I will reveal my latest portrait painting.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, and be sure to hold your loved ones near.


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