Coming Soon- Free Short Story-Romance


I am currently working on a fictional short story that will be posted on the Anieksteph blog for free. It is a romance story about unexpected love, taking place in Toronto, Canada.



I Remember you Title Cover

I hope you get the opportunity to download the free story which will be available next week. You can read a sneak peak of it below:


I remember you…

Once upon a time I thought I would be a great artist, and world traveller. Unfortunately for me, I never warmed up to airplane travel, and felt better with my feet on the ground. I tried to travel by boat, yet even the overwhelming feeling of being surrounded by water was too much to overcome. I thought that I might drown just from breathing the air. Or that being on a boat could result in a wave cascading over us and obliterating everyone on board into nothing.

So I stayed on land.

Traveling by car or bus was to be the only viable way to travel for me; but the traffic and pollution suffocated me in my small Toronto neighbourhood. Any trip on a motorized vehicle seemed to take ages. A bus made too many stops. A private car or taxi was too constricting; and even motorcycles had their dangers that made them impossible to depend on. And so, I would ride my bike to anywhere I needed to go. When I wanted to travel, I would organize a ride share, hop on a train, or pick up a book and visit the desired destination mentally.

I worked nearby at a government building pushing pens and paper from one side of my desk to another each day from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm. I didn’t literally push items around my desk, but that is the way working for the government feels. At the end of any given week, I feel as though the only difference I made was in the moving of the items on my desk from one end to the other. Nothing changes when you work hard in a government job. No real rewards are granted- and unless your goal is to dig yourself deeper into the proverbial bullshit, (buying and moving up the chain into management): you must find a way to survive. You need to make your existence about something else other than work.

My life was supposed to be different. I was supposed to be an artist, but none of it was in the cards of lady luck for me. My day to day life until now has been filed with work, being at home, and artistry. I am hopelessly single, and have no prospect for oncoming romances unless I am blindsided by a stranger who probably doesn’t exist.





Check back next week to read the entire short story.

Thank you for visiting, and come again soon.






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