Trap X Art Toronto


My latest acrylic work was recently on display at the Toronto Trap x Art show at The Boat Restaurant in Kensington Market, Toronto. It was a hip hop/ urban show with fantastic music, body painting, and live art displays. I was fortunate enough to be invited to display my art along side other emerging Toronto artists.

Trap x Art Toronto October 10, 2019 art display of Stephanie Konu featuring acrylic medium on canvas
Trap x Art Toronto October 10, 2019 art display of Stephanie Konu

This was the first time that I have ever displayed my work in a freeform venue where I needed to bring my own hardware (easel, display grids etc). When I realized that I needed some kind of system other than a table to make my display, I became worried about what to do. I knew it was unlikely that I could create enough easels to show 14 pieces, and the canvas grids available at Uline would have required several days to ship. The venue was on the second floor of a building in a very busy area of Toronto near Dundas and Spadina, so I knew that I needed to have the ability to carry my setup from the car in 2 trips or less.

I kicked myself for not planning things better.

Using my creativity and problem solving abilities, I sourced a 6 x 3 foot piece of welded fence from Home Depot ($17 CDN) and had it cut into two manageable pieces with a pair of bolt cutters. The structure was rigid enough to support the weight of my canvases; and after taping up the sharp edges from where the welded metal had raw cuts, I was very happy with th result. I was even able to add in a neon light in the shape of an “S” on my display.

Artist Stephanie Konu poses with her original art painted canvases at The Boat Restaurant, Toronto, Canada October 2019

The show was a success, and I made some sales of my original acrylic artwork. I chose to include pieces that related to each other by style, which worked well visually. I’m thankful for the invitation to display my artwork, and I am looking forward to more opportunities like this one in the future.

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