Afrocentric Fairy illustration

Sometimes I think to myself:

“Stephanie, your artistic practice is bipolar.”

I tell people that my artistic practice started in 2012 with sewing, but I suspect it started long before that. I have always made things.

I remember making potions out of my parents toiletries, and handing in books I made for school projects.

I think my early years lacked focus. I needed outlets but had no connection to anything tangible.

My illustration work evolved from a desire to deepen my ability to communicate through visual arts. Painting on canvas is amazing, but expensive. I started teaching myself how to draw basic lines and shapes, and eventually discovered the wonderful world of digital drawing with a stylus on my Samsung Note. I suppose everything after that discovery is history.

Afrocentric black muse fairy floating in illustration over artists head
Stephanie and her afrocentric muses

My latest illustration is one that I simply adore. It is an illustration of the artist (me) with shading and highlights. The line work is black and thin. Two African fairy creatures float above my head to sprinkle ideas and inspiration into the surrounding air. The sprinkles appear as stars in my orbit.

The colour scheme was painfully decided so that they would blend well and create an attractive image holistically. Tans and pale yellow against a deep background that appears bluish green. Lovely.

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