Long weekend Monday


Welcome to a new week, and happy Simcoe day to everyone in Ontario Canada.

I hope you have had an opportunity to check out the ebook featured in the last post. The book is titled “Mad About Mandalas”. It features 16 blank mandala designs for printing and colouring. I feel that adult colouring is an activity that is beneficial to practicing mindfulness. Taking a few minutes to slow down and concentrate on breathing while coloring will add years to your life!

In the meantime, I am working on my latest idea for a colouring book. The subject will be portraits of people I have met. I can’t tell you anymore since we are still developing it, but I hope to have it posted on the anieksteph blog by autumn.

Here is an illustration I did earlier this week. The sketch outline was done with felt tip brush in Autodesk sketchbook. The colour is white against a black background.

Once I sketched the outline of the figure, I added a red sky on a separate layer over top of the sketch, then a yellow halo outline closer to the boundaries of the outline. After the outline looked on point to what I was aiming for, I turned down the opacity to make the image have a glowing effect.

This is my favorite sketch of the week!

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