Portrait illustrations for hire

Dua lips portrait with yellow dress and short black hair medium skin tone illustration drawing
Dua lipa fan illustration by Stephanie konu

I am currently offering a service via Instagram to sketch portraits starting at $2.99. Visit @Illustratemoi and send me a direct message with your idea. I am enjoying illustration so much! Creating is such a large part of me, and I feel as though I must always make things. Cooking, baking, sewing, painting, drawing; you name it, I love to take raw materials and make things.

Male white model with shading and pattern
Male model illustration with moustache

Illustration is perfect for this time in my life, because I rarely have time to pull out my sewing machine; painting on canvas also has high costs even after making art canvas from scratch. Not to mention, space becomes an issue after a while.

Using digital tools it is extremely practical to create artwork without worry of a mess to clean, dangerous tools to be left around or the other hazards that can result from the creative process.

Drawing of mixed race sisters illustration black and white comission
Illustration of sisters

This last drawing was part of a recent comission for an Instagram follower. I like how well the shading turned out on the little girl’s face. The source photo was very well lit, and that helped to show the lines to be emphasized with highlights or shading.

Thanks for stopping by!


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