My illustration endeavours

I am always trying new things (as you know), so my latest fun activity is creating illustrations for my tshirt designs.

This design is a simple drawing of a chihuahua dog with large thick framed glasses. He has a vacant look in his eye and is flanked by a witty remark that reads “hmmm…let me get back to you on that”. I like the simplicity of this design, and I hope you do as well.

Grey alien looks confused in a simple illustration.
An illustration of a grey alien

A second illustration features a more complex illustration of an alien that has been coloured in. I used a cool gray colour with an air brush application to achieve the uneven colouring. The outline is a mix of pencil and ink pen.

Colour illustration of a space babe sexy girl in outer space
Space babe holding blaster guns in outer space

Finally, this illustration is of a female astronaut babe holding blaster guns against a black background. It is very simplistic and I would have liked to make the colours more vibrant. I am working on more illustrations and will post my work over the next few weeks.

Thanks for stopping by.


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