Space Art T-shirt: Neptune’s Trident


I have great news: my newest artwork is now featured on original clothing at

Unisex Gold Angles T-Shirt by

In an earlier post, I talked about my new offering of prints; and those are also still available by clicking here.

These designs are possible through the use of Print on Demand services. They don’t exist until customers order it. When ordered: the design is printed and sewn in Michigan, USA by a print on demand fulfillment service, and sent out to the happy customer.

Neptune’s Trident Design on Skater Dress Spacearttshirts

As a result of this Eco-friendly (and considerably much more sustainable) process, it takes a little extra time for each customer to receive their item. When I ordered my Space Dolls tee, it took 5 business days from making the order to getting it in the mail.




I have many other designs on their way! Thank you for visiting and check back soon for more.




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