Using buttons for decoration

I have always tried to avoid using buttons in my apron designs. I find them complex, and no matter what formula I use, they never turn out exactly how I had hoped. As I find myself creating more costumes than aprons, I have to face my fear of closures.

A recent addition to my Etsy shop. {Click here to see the etsy listing}

I started attaching buttons as decorations to become accustomed to the dreaded button closure issue that I have been avoiding for some time now. The execution was great for this piece, and I am improving my button skills.

This half apron was inspired by a Victorian era apron mixed with a lingerie look. The linen nap provides contrast against three gold buttons, while a unique black lace border keeps the linen in check against a smoky satin backdrop. The contrast works well as a costume, since satin is not ideal as an actual maid uniform. Perfect for play.

The waist features a concealed drawstring to adapt the look of this apron. You can pull it tight and cinch with the satin ribbon within, or let the satin lie flat. Some like their satin smooth, while others like the ruched look.

Thank you for stopping by to see what my imagination has created recently!

Visit the Etsy listing by clicking here.


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