Copper body. Blue eye.

My latest work is a large acrylic painting on 3 x 4 foot canvas. 

Abstract body painting
Abstract body painting

I painted over an earlier work from many years ago entitled “Heavenly Bodies”, that had hung in the entrance way of my home.

This work is a slight departure; much of my recent stuff has been formless, consisting only of colours and moods etc.

I used bronze (or copper) acrylic paint with a metallic finish for the body which provides a warm glow. My intent for this piece was to create an earthy feeling: nature, fertility, growth, and warmth. This is also captured by the thick black outlines. 

Instead of traditional black paint, I crushed up charcoal from burnt wood in my firepit into a coarse consistency and mixed it with a thick gloss medium. The result was a textured black paint that had a slight sheen to it. I really enjoyed the process of mixing my own medium, and I feel that it only adds to the natural theme of the work. 

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