Experimenting with cotton overlay

On a recent trip to the store to pick up sewing supplies I came across a lovely cotton material with subtle floral outlines embroidered over top a slightly sheer background. The material was very delicate, and so my design incorporated the sheer cotton with a polyester nude/khaki backing.


The feminine shape of my designs allow for immense variation in the types of materials I use. In this instance, by using a sheer off-white cotton overlay overtop of a nude/ khaki backing the femininity of the piece is able to show through beautifully. It is a subtly sexy and demure apron concept that is a perfect addition to my LillyBoChic design line.


I constructed three aprons in the same way. First I drafted and cut out the shapes of each piece with the nude/khaki material, then copy the shape of the cut material with the cotton sheer overlay. I did it this way to avoid my all too common mistake of cutting an overlay piece too small to properly cover its backing.

Once both pieces are properly cut and pinned together I joined them with my Janome Serger. This method is not necessary, as I have often just sewed the two pieces, but I found that by using the serger I do not get “puckered” edges as often (the garment lays flat); and also the construction is much faster. Regardless of how the two pieces are joined, I prefer to finish the edges with a clean run of bias tape to make the piece look cleaner and more professional.

You can see these and other designs in my Etsy. com store here

Thanks for reading. 

~ S


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