Catching up on things at home: Making My Own Stretched Artist Canvas

It has been far too long since my last post. I had a great start in January but, as the second anniversary of LillyBoChic on Etsy approaches, I have found myself inundated with special projects.

In the last month I have built 8 pieces of stretched artist canvas for a client in various sizes. The average size has been 36 inches x 72 inches, but the largest was 48 inches x 96 inches. These sizes of stretched canvas are time consuming to create, but very rewarding because it is such an accomplishment to see the end product. It all started when I took over various aspects of installing crown molding in our guestroom and hallway last year. I learned how to use a brad nail gun, and how to not be afraid of our miter saw (something that I was formerly very very very apprehensive of using).


I sold these pieces to a client that has been using them to decorate a large industrial space, and so far, they are very pleased with my handy work. I never would have thought that I would be successful at framing wood, and building on this to make stretched canvas in such huge dimensions. I would assume that they are being used for a mural, or some type of modern abstract work.


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