How to Organise an Art Contest

An art teacher features beautiful art from students. Very lovely use of color and creativity.

teacher lem's art class

by TeacherLem Iglesias

Singapore is celebrating its 50th Year of Independence this 2015. The Singapore50 (SG50) Steering Committee has planned a year-long programme to commemorate the occasion (read it HERE).

It’s a perfect opportunity for our school’s Art Department to collaborate with the Humanities Department in exploring the history and culture of the Singapore. We decided to organise an art contest to take part OUR SCHOOL’S celebration of SG50 and to reinforce the lessons in Social Studies about Singapore this month.

Project Title: SISB/SG50 Art Contest

Art Works Created by: Primary 1-6

Age: 6-12 years old


  • A4 Strathmore Paper

  • HB Pencil

  • Coloured Pencils

  • Oil Pastels

  • Black Marker


To prepare the students for the art contest, the Social Studies teachers gave a lesson about Singapore’s history using a short animated video titled “The Violin” (view it from THIS LINK) and a pdf information sheet…

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