New Machines with Old Dreams

My take on a classic half apron with blue frilly edging. This one was tough, because the seams have a border on the opposite side made from a bright multi-coloured print. It took a lot of patience to get everything lined up.

I’m getting better every day and learning new techniques- conversely, sewing helps me stay focused on my life. Each stitch that helps to form a straight line reassures me that the end product will be beautiful if I just keep the needle on the right path. I can sit quietly and put my mind to a task that will (hopefully) result in something good. Right now I’m working on a sheer dress that will be photographed as part of my portfolio. The colours are different (conservatively speaking) but it fits a style that similar to my own – (understated, but very sexy).
I am excited to use my new machine that makes folds in narrow fabric so that you can easily press straps in about 25 mm widths. It makes working so much easier when one has all of the right tools. I can now make straps for an apron in about 10 minutes as opposed to 30 minutes without the tool. I made four straps last night—and was able to complete two aprons that I began production on earlier in the day! (I realize how nerdy it sounds to write passionately about sewing)

But who cares how it sounds! Write, speak, and live what you love! What else would you rather do?


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